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BLOW MOLDING: Single- or Two-Stage PET Bottle Making: Get to Know Your Options | Plastics Technology

While PET is very good at self-leveling (the strain-hardening effect that compels initially warmer areas to blow out after cooler areas have blown), this effect is not significant enough to mask the uneven preform heat. A variety of measures have been employed .

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PET material is usuallly used for injection molding for plastic bottle preform,such as mineral water bottle,coca-cola bottle,juice bottle,etc. Characteristics of PET raw materials Excellent transparency of over 90%, excellent surface gloss and a glassy appearance.

PET Preform Injection Mould|Bottle Preform Injection Mold|PET Preform Mould-SINOPK - PET Preform Mould|Preform Mold Maker|Closure Molds|Preform .

SINO Packaging Mould Division is a supplier of multi-cavity PET bottle preform moulds. The PET preform moulds provided by SINO have many advantages, such as high speed molding, high blowing rate, durability, convenient maintenance and so on.

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Once the PET has become the same shape as the mould, it is referred to as a parison. The parison is then cut to the correct length after it has been systematically cooled down. Step 2 : The parison is then heated back up and placed into a mould that is shaped like the bottle that is being manufactured.

Solve Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding | Plastics Technology

Solve Four Common Problems in PET Stretch-Blow Molding. Here’s a quick guide to fixing four nettlesome problems in processing PET bottles. Pearlescence, haze, rocker bottoms, and top-load failure are common ills that can afflict PET bottles. Cures for all of these are readily available. A good indicator of pearlescence is its occurrence in .


Clean preform mould, if always in same position on prefrom cavity. 4. Check hopper, elevator, belt conveyor and unscrambler for possible sources of preform damage. 5. Check dimensions of insert in the blow mould to ensure there is clearance for the neck 6.

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TAIZHOU YANJUN MOULD CO., LTD old name is HUANGYAN YANJUN MOULD CO.,LTD, founded in 1988, specializes in preform mould , cap mould , blow machine design and .

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Bulkbuy Pet Bottle Cap Mold Good Quality Water Bottle Mould price comparison, get China Pet Bottle Cap Mold Good Quality Water Bottle Mould price comparison from Pet Bottle Preform Mould, Bottle Cap Mould manufacturers & suppliers on Video Channel of

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Make sure you rinse the bottle with hot water before drying it. You can also use vinegar. Studies have shown that white vinegar can kill 82% of mold spores. If you add a mixture of white vinegar and water to a bottle and leave it overnight, that will do the job. Rinse a bottle thoroughly to ensure you get rid of the white vinegar taste.

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As you can see there really isn’t much between each plastic type.However, you can pick a bottle that best suits your product type. HDPE is a high-density plastic that is very stiff, has a good temperature resistance and a very good water vapour barrier.PET plastics are highly transparent in appearance, available in different colours, lightweight and tough against gases and liquids.

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