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In addition, since rotationally molded plastics are seamless, they can endure higher amounts of pressure without fracturing. Another advantage of rotomolded plastics is that they can easily be fabricated to meet FDA standards for use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

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Polyethylene is currently the material most commonly used in the rotomolding process, making up 97 percent of rotationally molded plastic products. Rotational molding identifying features Since the rotomolding process differs greatly from other plastic manufacturing, there are several distinguishing features that can help identify rotationally molded plastic products.

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History In 1855 a patent taken out by R. Peters in Britain documented the first use a rotating mechanism producing “two centrifugal motions at right angles to each other” by means of beveled gearing, and heat. This rotational molding process was used to create artillery shells and other hollow vessels, the main purpose of which was to create consistency in wall thickness and density.

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• rotationally molded items are virtually stress free; • identical or similar items or different sections on one piece can be molded at the same time in different colors on a single spindle; • plastic or metal inserts can often be molded as integral parts of the item; and

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Designers can easily add molded-in metal inserts, features to strengthen like ribs, kiss-offs, and cores, and texture and styling to enhance appearance. Tooling Cost Savings Rotational molding is a low pressure process and molds are primarily a thin hollow shell that defines the outside shape and surface of the part.

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Rotationally molded plastic can be designed to withstand exposure to a virtually unlimited array of chemical components, making it a perfect solution for tanks and other containers. Rotomolded plastics can also be engineered to be static-resistant, fire-resistant and weather-resistant.

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Vinyl parts that are rotationally molded can be inflatable. At Roto Plastics we can help you understand PVC / Plastisol and how it can benefit your company. By using PVC your products can be simplified, beautified, and diversified, creating a safer, more durable product.

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Granger Plastics Company has garnered international recognition & accolades for it’s high-quality, custom rotationally molded solutions to a growing number of OEMs and manufacturers. Granger’s custom roto-molding solutions encompass a diverse range of industry such as Defense, Aerospace, Material Handling, Transportation, Drainage, Waste Management & so much more!

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This can increase production cycle time and reduce overall cost while delivering exceptional finished parts. For a complete listing of available compression molded thermoplastics for machining, give Plastics International a call or email us at [email protected]

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